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Met Office

The Met Office is the UK's National Weather Service. It includes the Met Office Hadley Centre (MetO) with 180 employees who specialise in climate research and prediction to inform decision-making.

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is one of the largest Universities in the UK with over 32,000 full-time students, 7,500 staff and an annual turnover of €545 million.

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

KNMI is the national research and information centre for weather, climate and climate change in the Netherlands. KNMI has a long tradition in operational and scientific activities.

University of Lisbon - Instituto Dom Luiz

UL-IDL is a research centre that quantitatively studies most of the important components of the Earth System.

Clinton Devon Estates

Clinton Devon Estates own and manage 25,000 acres of land across three separate Estates in Devon; the Heanton Estate in North Devon and the Beer and Clinton Estates in East Devon, where 2,800 acres

University of Exeter
KOR Communications


LMTool provides seasonal winter weather forecasts (1-3 months ahead) in support of decision making on cover crop planting, choice and management.