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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A group of six undergraduate Natural Sciences students from the University of Exeter worked on a winter-term project linked to the EUPORIAS land management prototype. Their work involved forecast assessment and finding ways to improve the relevance and usability of seasonal forecasts for farmers. They have produced a set of brochures for three counties in South West UK which contain their results, and a YouTube video which summarises the project. We hope to be able to use their work in further developing and improving the three month outlooks provided by LMTool. Many thanks to the students for their time, energy and hard work: Daisy Pittams, Ellen Lawrence, Emily Bate, Hannah Peter, Katherine Uzell and Matt Richards. You can see their YouTube video, and access the brochures below:


LMTool provides seasonal winter weather forecasts (1-3 months ahead) in support of decision making on cover crop planting, choice and management.