Clinton Devon Estates

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Clinton Devon Estates own and manage 25,000 acres of land across three separate Estates in Devon; the Heanton Estate in North Devon and the Beer and Clinton Estates in East Devon, where 2,800 acres form a major part of the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths. We are involved in farming, sustainable forestry, conservation management, deer management, commercial and residential property and a number of businesses including the South West’s premier equestrian venue, Bicton Arena. The Clinton Barony, one of the oldest in England, was formed in 1299. The link with Devon was made in 1550 when the 9th Baron Edward Clinton acquired land near Exeter. In the 17th century the link was further established when the Clinton family became linked by marriage to the Rolle family. Today the Estates remain a family concern and their commitment to the county underpins all activity, planning and purpose. Our work, activities and initiatives demonstrate that it is possible for the countryside to be a place for people to enjoy while providing a platform for the economic activity necessary to sustain a viable local economy and society. Through sensible development and careful conservation of our land, we are providing a fertile environment for business success while effectively preserving it for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.


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